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  • few observations to those who are experiencing random errors (sync timeout, bus hang etc.) with any of Arduino libraries:

    1. USE 5V Power Supply rather than 3V
    2. Triple check your Pin Headers are perfect, or better - solder the DHT22 pins directly to Arduino pins or the PCB
    3. Use this library which doesn't fail after changing serial baud rates, is small and fast

    several weeks of tests led me to the single conclusion - this chip is very sensitive to poor contacts. Where the standard i2c devices work smoothly, DHT22 fails on the same connectors. Have no oscilloscope, can't explain why.

  • wrong, as the datasheet says:

    "There is an easy way to connect two BMP085 to the same i2c bus: You can use the XCLR input of BMP085 to set one BMP085 part silent while you communicate with the other BMP085 part via i2c and vice versa. The signals can be provided by two digital outputs of the microcontroller, or one digital output and one inverter."

    That being said, one can connect as many BMP085 sensors to the single arduino, as there are available digital pins that can be connected to xclr.

  • alright, the example code in the Wiring Example is meaningless. I've tested my code with both ACS712-05B and ACS712-20A versions. Accuracy is within =- 3mA

    code: https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33605&e=0

  • I'm among those bad-luckers, mine 406 can't get fix - can only track 3 satellites most and sync. time. Tried various clear-sky locations in different regions. Seen rumors some got lucky after switching from USB FTDI to battery-based PSU - unfortunately that didn't work for me neither. Also been reading there was a broken set of devices with faulty antenna soldering. Anyone with a similar experience?

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