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  • whatever you do dont bother with a pair of channel lock pliers. did not work. i went easy and still broke 2 of them.

  • i havent tried this at speeds over 9600 baud to back up bbotany's claims of 100kHz, but i got it to successfully send data over rs485 (with sparkfun's BOB --> http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10124) from a netduino+ to a RS485-USB converter on my laptop and into hyperterminal.

  • main points for a Netduino+ user:
    1. call port.Flush() following every call. closing the port doesnt guarantee it will happen. go figure. YMMV.
    2. COM1 consists of digital pins 0&1 with 1 being the only one to hook up with this board. (com2 == pins 2&3)
    those small pieces of info would have gone a long way to making it easier for this newb.
    other points:
    notice there are two command bytes for different commands...0xFE and Ox7C
    the potentiometer on the back is not overly sensitive as someone pointed out. when i finally figured out what it was.
    make sure you drive it with 3.3V even though it says 5V on the back. mine didnt burn out or anything when i did it, but it was obvious.

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