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  • Hi all,
    I use pic microcontroller to take the readings from IMU and monitor the filtered reading (by using a complementary filter) on LCD.. But when i turned the power supply ON, the reading of gyro at static or zero case was 604 then when i turned the power OFF then ON again the reading was 617!!!!! so i want to know why the zero reading of gyro varied like this it should be constant right????

  • I want to build a self balancing transportation system similar to segway. I use PIC microcontroller with the IMU 5 degrees of freedom from Sparkfun to control the tilt but i have a problem in the best way to combine the readings from both gyro and accelerometer by using the PIC.. I searched on the internet and i found that the best way is to use the Kalman filter.I searched a lot to find code for Kalman filter
    in PIC because i did not deal with Kalman filter before, but i did not find, all the codes are for Kalman filter in Arduino...
    Please, if anyone knows how to combine the both readings by using Kalman filter in PIC>>> Please tell me

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