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  • No way, man! Just getting in front of the camera, let alone giving clear and thoughtful explanations of how things work, takes guts!

    Sure it's easier for some than others, but for the majority of people that have never made their own vids, or had to post them in such a conspicuous space, lemme tell ya: it can be intimidating, even if it's just you and the camera.

    Seems like you're getting better and better with each vid. You definitely sound more relaxed, and the pacing is much better.

  • I think only Dark Lord can be used as flux, but don't quote me on that.

  • Does she have any single female friends? ;) j/k You are one lucky guy!

  • Looks to be a chinese knock-off of the Bourns PEL12T: http://www.bourns.com/data/global/pdfs/PEL12T.pdf.

    Even the LED voltage and current table is identical.

  • Of all the places to see the name of Ida, Michigan, let alone Van's, I never thought I'd see either mentioned here at SparkFun. :) I grew up in Ida, graduated in 1998, moved to Detroit in 2003, and then Grand Rapids in 2005. Small world, eh?

    I second that Van's would be an interesting and very convenient outlet for SparkFun's products. I'm not sure if they still deal with radio stuff as much as when I lived there (it was mostly CB & VHF, IIRC), but I could easily see that same clientele going for the embedded products. Sure would beat driving all the way up to MicroCenter on 14-Mile just to have a SparkFun product right now, or having to deal with RadioShack's limited selection.

    As for my current locale, it's a little more difficult to really narrow down where I'd like to see SparkFun products, and I mean that in a good way. There are a number of independent, thriving, and relevant small businesses in the area, from Grand Rapids westward. But the ones that come to mind when we talk of hobbyists are Rider's Hobby Shop [ridershobby.com], Hobby World @ (616)538-6130, and Sidetrax Hobbies @ (616)249-9504.

    For fabric stores, I'd recommend Field's Fabrics [fieldsfabrics.com], without hesitation. They have seven stores in West Michigan, and have been here since 1953.

    My final recommendation is a place on Division near downtown, called T&W Electronics [twelectronics.com]. Their website hardly does the place justice; they have a vast selection of components and supplies, much of it 'old school' but many newer items as well. From individual capacitors and resistors, to PCB fabrication supplies, or even NOS vacuum tubes, they have virtually everything ya need for most electronics projects. What's more, the GVSU engineering college is a short hop away, so there's a good opportunity to fill an empty niche.

  • It's so humorous how bent out of shape some people can become over SparkFun being pro-active regarding its availability and communication channels to its customers.

    You don't like Google+, Facebook, or any other social medium? That's fine! No one is forcing you to use any of them! Be a hermit crab if you like, but at least be a grown-up hermit crab, and/or stop making idle, childish 'threats'.

  • Proper...amperage...? ;)

  • I've got a piece of aluminum foil I use as a temporary AGC fuse replacement. 1,000,000 awesome points to me, right?

  • Hmm? Did I miss something today?

  • Memory's the first thing to go. Join the club, brother! ;)