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  • One of my main complaints with this board has been its inability to mate securely with either the Arduino Uno or Duemilinove due to the USB connector on the Arduinos being just a little too tall for the headers. So, I was excited to see a new product, but then noticed that it states that it can mate (only) with the Pro (okay, I guess I can buy one of those too), but the link to the Pro in this product description goes to a page that notes that the Pro is discontinued. The pro isn't discontinued, but the link is bad.

    Anyway, please Spark Fun, please offer a shield that works with the Uno or Duemilinove, or, if this is that shield that I have been looking for, confirm which Arduinos it is compatible with including (fingers crossed!) the Arduinos that I already own.

  • Can someone clear something up, please? The instructions in the assembly instructions dictate a 12V power supply. However, the product page on SparkFun claims "Power supplied to the kit directly powers the STA540 and should be within 8 to 22V."

    Which is it? 12V only or between 8V and 22V?

  • Beginner question here.

    I am using this with the STA540 Amplifier kit, which has two audio inputs (R +/- and L +/-) on the board. I see lots of talk about shunts and such in the datasheet, and some great discussion about pins 2/3 being for Left and 4/5 for right, but I am missing something. Does polarity matter? For example, should I hook up 2 to L+ and 3 to L- on the Amp kit?

    Also, what about the ground connector? How should I ground it in my setup or do I need to ground it at all?

    Thanks for the help!

    ** UPDATE **

    Answered my own question. Ground (pin 1) goes to negative on both R and L inputs. Pin 2 and Pin 3 are R and L, respectively. Rocking out with the Amplifier Kit now!

  • I have tried stackable headers with my Xbee Shield and, more recently, the El Escudo Dos and these shields simply cannot stack cleanly on either the Uno or Duelimanove. The USB and Power connector on the Uno or Due both interfere with the shield stacking firmly using these headers.

    I am not sure if there is a solution out there, other than getting another Arduino model that doesn't have the USB and Power connectors where they are... anybody have a suggestion?

  • The description states that this is "designed to drive one DC brushed motor." Will it work on brushless?

    I know that is a newbie question, but I am what I am... and what I am is trying to find something to drive a 12V 7.5A diaphragm pump which, according to the spec sheet, is using a brushless motor and I am wondering if this will work.

  • Just getting into Relays and I am looking to control a 12V DC pump that is rated up 7.5A. I thought that a kit would be much easier / better than buying things piecemeal. Yay Sparkfun (again).

    However, being a Relay newbie, I am still parsing through whether this "20 amp at 220VAC claim" means this is a dead end for me. I need 12V DC up to 7.5A. Seems that 8A is more common, but I really wanted a kit to help me get started.

    Any ideas?

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