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  • well I got a second pair of eyes on the problem and my mate picked it up almost straight away. I received the wrong Xbee modules with my kit. They are the older 2007 maxstream ones. I aquired a pair from a local distributor and TAA DAA... we're back in business. Oh well, I suppose you cant have too many Xbees on hand. I believe that the earlier version of X-CTU will work with them.

  • well my kit arrived and all was present. I've had the book for a week or so and it all kinda made sense. Then I tried to follow it after setting up X-CTU and tried following the instructions and.... nothing. Ununstalled X-ctu and tried it from scratch.... nothing, the Xbees wont register and even tried different usb cables but it kept suggesting I check for updates, which were no where to be found. Nothing I did made the program recognise the modules. The book said dont worry about it if you get an error because we'll cover that in the next chapter. Ummmm I'm not a total idiot but there was no way anything it told me to do got any results. The book jumped between different programs but I managed to follow. I'm sitting here after 5 hours with a bunch of stuff that I can't get to work no matter what I do. Is there a really easy walkthrough to get these modules working together and at least recognising the program..... Or do I just pack it up and send it back. If it aint going to work then it's no bloody good to me. :/

  • 1 extended kit here as well. I just ordered the kit above and decided to read the comments. I still need more bits?

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