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  • Bought one recently and had to debug the ADC. After two lost hours I found that pin 62 (AREF) had a solder bridge to pin 63 (GND). After I cleaned up the solder bridge everything was good to go. I don’t blame SparkFun for this, as it’s an Olimex product, but if you’re having issues check for bridges.

  • Note: You cannot solder to the ends of this thermocouple.

  • Wonderful project box. If a revision 2 is coming out, I’d like to see the following:
    1.) Face plates with cut-outs, or guide lines that match the protoboards. I’d buy 100 if all I had to use was an exacto knife to get connectors/leds/switches/power plugs through the case.
    2.) A flat top surface. I’d accept the Sparkfun logo in radiation caused luminescence if the top was flat.
    Thanks Sparkfun, for an awesome enclosure.

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