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  • no AC motor intro should be presented without a mandatory reference to the Tesla rotating egg...

    Well, I'm joking, because it is only confusing and doesn't add any insight, as if induction and rotating fields weren't complicated enough... Eddy currents AND Euler angles??? I know your tutorials are geared toward hobbyists and the motors they are most likely to encounter but an interesting one is the so called switched reluctance motor (SRM). They are the simplest and most economical ones to build (and they don't need permanent magnets): it's simply an electromagnet attracting a piece of steel! Quite like a solenoid plunger.

    But designing a SRM controller requires knowledge of DSP programming, ferromagnetic Maxwell equations and power solid-state devices (MOSFET or IGBT). Ouch...

    A good primer that covers it all is Switched Reluctance Motor Control – Basic Operation and Example Using the TMS320F240

  • Sorry: using the word 'here' I was referring to the comments section, not your original article. Of course one can build a souped-up Geiger counter, write about it and not mention other's design and projects. Also I wanted to raise awareness about Safecast project social aspect of data gathering and the 'internet of things' angle... Stay safe.

  • Huh? No mentions here about Andrew Huang's Open Source Geiger Counter? And the Safecast project?

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