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  • Just wanted add, we love this chain. It’s easy to add and remove links as you change lengths, and the chain is surprisingly strong despite being plastic.

    It’s also good to know that this chain is completely compatible with ANSI 25 sprockets, so if you’re trying to integrate with industrial hardware, it works great. We use it for the position encoder on our hoists.

  • Have to agree with this! SFE is great to work with.

  • Yay! Finally!

  • Two comments from some testing last night:
    1. 500us is a bit tight for the reset timing. We were doing a “framerate” test and found that we needed closer to a 800us delay to get a consistent reset across the whole strip.
    2. Arduino USB power definitely isn’t enough (this is repeated in the comments a few times). If you run the demo code and it gets partway down the strip before “pausing” and starting over, it’s because the arduino is resetting because too much power is getting drawn and something resets.

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