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  • The max sample rate is 1 second… How do you get decent resolution on the boost phase of the flight? Or are you only using it during descent - to trigger the ejection charge, etc.?

  • If I understand the specs of this thing correctly, the max sample rate is 1 second. That won’t give you much resolution on the climb to altitude. If, however, all you’re wanting to do is use it to fire the parachute ejection charge - you might be ok - depending upon the rate of descent. I’d appreciate knowing what you come up with, and how it works! My approach is to measure acceleration during the climb (to get velocity and to detect the moment of max altitude), and use barometric pressure (sampled at 100ms or so) as the ejection charge trigger during descent.

  • Hmmm…. I assume the black wire is GND, the red wire is VDD, and the white wire is DQ? I can’t find that data anywhere.

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