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  • You can use other batteries besides two 9Vs. That is just a quick and simple example to help people not familiar with dual supply powered sensors. Unfortunately, you cannot power the V3 with a single supply source like a microcontroller. You need a positive voltage and a negative voltage. Keep in mind that a negative voltage is not the same as ground.

    That being said, the new MyoWare sensor (which will be soon available on Sparkfun) only requires a single supply power source and can be powered with a microcontroller directly. You can check it out here:

  • It’s an analog sensor so sampling rate doesn’t really apply. It would depend on the ADC/microcontroller/DAQ that you use to measure it.

  • The Arduino code is meant to be run along side the Processing code. It outputs all six pins so you can connect up to 6 sensors and view their output graphically via Processing.

  • The biomedical pads are probably too big for measuring eye muscles but the sensor should be able to pick them up if appropriate pads are used.

  • Are you driving the servomotor directly with the sensor? Usually this is done with a servo driver or microcontroller. If using a servo driver or microcontroller, you’d simply need to map the input values to higher values before sending it to the servo. You could also alternatively increase the sensor gain via the potentiometer marked as Gain in the middle of the board.

  • This is actually the same sensor board as before. The difference is that the sensor board was packaged as a kit but is now sold separately.

  • “Cost of delivering” is already paid for by the customer requesting said “huge volumes of traffic”. ISPs just want to double dip instead of innovating.

  • Have you seen this DIY prosthetic arm?

    It was featured on the Today show and only takes ~$250 in parts to build.

  • I’d rather find out before I purchase it…

  • How do the colors align with the 3.5mm jack? e.g. Tip - black, ring - red, sleeve - blue

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