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  • Product SEN-11776 | about 3 weeks ago

    • Make sure the cable plug is pushed all the way in the port (yup it happens a lot)
    • Verify the voltages at the power pins are correct (eg +9V to +Vs, -9V to -Vs for 9V battery setup)
    • Make sure you aren’t reusing the electrodes. The ones that come with the kit are one time use only.
    • Check the value of the gain potentiometer with a multimeter on resistance setting. Should be ~20 to 50 kOhm.
    • Electrode placement is really important. If you aren’t sure if you’re placing the electrodes properly, contact Advancer Technologies.
  • Product BOB-00498 | about 3 months ago

    Will a 14-TSSOP fit this board?

  • Product SEN-11776 | about 6 months ago

    This sensor outputs an analog signal; thus, the sampling is dependent on the ADC you use not the sensor itself. If you use it with an Arduino, the sampling would be the sampling rate of the Arduino.

  • Product SEN-11776 | last year

    OK I see what you’re getting at. Sorry, your “bit” reference made me think you thought the sensor was digital. The sensor actually has an adjustable gain so if you saturate the sensor with a slight muscle twitch, you can dial the gain down to the “resolution” you’re after. Also, keep in mind you can contract the muscle without any joint motion so you can’t really think of the muscle activity in terms of the joint being fully extended/fully flexed. Great question =)

  • Product SEN-11776 | last year

    Most EMG electrodes will work with the sensor. For a homebrew reusable electrode, check out the fabric electrode tutorial. Wish you and your son the best of luck. It’s amazing how much those myoelectric arms cost.

  • Product SEN-11776 | last year

    The output is an analog signal between 0 and the supply’s voltage (so if you use +/-5V supply, the max output will be +5V). When you flex, the voltage increases. Flex harder and the voltage will increase further.

  • Product SEN-11776 | last year

    I recommend trying out an AD620. The spec sheet has a simple example circuit for EKG applications.

  • Product PRT-00449 | about a year ago

    Any chance you can post instruction on how to use this with Hyper Terminal?

  • Product WRL-10938 | about a year ago

    The RN-42 HID comes setup as a keyboard by factory default. Is it possible to change the HID mode of the BlueSMiRF HID module to a mouse? I know there’s somethings in their manual you can’t do with this breakout board setup and other things can’t be done outside their factory.

  • Product COM-11089 | about a year ago

    Can this be driven with an Arduino?

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