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  • Terry,
    Good link, useful information. Thanks for that. Only one SMALL complaint. Please don't use Comic Sans as it burns my eye. Oh the pain!

  • For the record, my relay seems to be pulling a stable 134mA in use (and the transistor is puling around 4mA from the Arduino output). I had some strange errors which I think were surge related so powered relay of its own dedicated supply (not off the Arduino rails).

  • I'm was having similar problems with one of these used alongside an LCD. I was driving everything from an Uno. It was stable for awhile but started sending my LCD haywire after clicking in and out (not quickly). I'm thinking it's a surge thing when pulling back in.
    Anyway, I knocked up a separate 5V regulator circuit on the breadboard and drove it from the same 9v wall-wart which powers the Uno. I used the new 5v for the relay supply alone and the problems have gone.
    In short, although I can't confirm this, it seems that the reg on the Uno board wasn't quite up to the job, it wasn't the wall-wart as I first suspected.
    Hope this helps someone.

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