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  • I don’t know how a “sign cutting” machine is different from a CNC laser cutting machine, but they are great tools for a quick custom cut. They can do small production runs too.

  • But it seems like it would just be simpler to use some other cheap light sensor.

  • I think I saw a concept using this. There was a company that wanted to pave roads with durable solar panels. One potential added function was to sense an obstacle in the road (like a deer) and use LEDs to alert drivers around blind corners. The LED could be used as the sensor and the driver indicator.

  • The one I worked with could, but the software they provided allowed click for pricing and some other time saving features as long as you didn’t go bigger than the board size they were capable of or something to that effect. If you are not a PCB company, but need something quick, it can be advantageous, but if you plan to iterate or go to large scale production it is really bad.

  • I have used the “free” proprietary software. It did the trick when I needed the PCB done quick and simple. I am not a PCB guy and the design needed rework. We soon went outside the limits of that software and I had to learn KiCad, redraw everything and find a new company to do the board. It was a frustrating learning experience.

  • I think that is an awesome suggestion, even though I got 4. I didn’t understand I could combine orders. I think explaining exponential growth to general population (or even potential Sparkfun customers) may prove disastrous.

  • I love the idea of using the discount to get people out of their comfort zone working with platforms they haven’t before. I have been torn between trying to swap with other people, and digging into what I got and making something I wouldn’t have otherwise attempted. Any chance we will get to hear the breakdown on how much of each was sent out?

  • What is the address to see the data from an actual game?

  • your phant link doesn’t seem to work.

  • What made you go with shift registers rather than addressable LED’s? I seem to have some extra control boards after last weeks almost free day and I am thinking of doing something similar.