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  • Ahhhh! Shpark Attack!!!!

  • I know with copper they will fill it with sand to keep it from pinching. I thought the sand might be rough on the surface of the tubing, but it may actually help the texturing. There are also benders that look like floppy springs you sleeve over the tubing and tube benders that are made for stainless tubing.

  • Just some clarity, the thermocouple will produce a voltage difference at each conductor transition in the circuit. It will work correctly if the tip is at the region you want to measure, and the wire type for K is all chromel/alumel up to the circuit board (in the case of this product). The chip reads the chip of the board and gives the temp of the thermocouple tip. They can give off readings when the sheath is bent and the internal wires contact somewhere other than the tip.

  • I’m interested to see where you want those metrics to move!

  • I noticed similar tech at Disneyland World of Color last week. There were head bands and mouse ears that would light in sync with the ferrous wheel. That would be another interesting teardown. I didn’t buy one, but would assume internals were similar. The IP would almost certainly be locked down.

  • Ha Ha Ha! As simple as that mistake is, it is a crying shame to discover after a month of testing …I know ;(

  • I don’t know how a “sign cutting” machine is different from a CNC laser cutting machine, but they are great tools for a quick custom cut. They can do small production runs too.

  • But it seems like it would just be simpler to use some other cheap light sensor.

  • I think I saw a concept using this. There was a company that wanted to pave roads with durable solar panels. One potential added function was to sense an obstacle in the road (like a deer) and use LEDs to alert drivers around blind corners. The LED could be used as the sensor and the driver indicator.

  • The one I worked with could, but the software they provided allowed click for pricing and some other time saving features as long as you didn’t go bigger than the board size they were capable of or something to that effect. If you are not a PCB company, but need something quick, it can be advantageous, but if you plan to iterate or go to large scale production it is really bad.