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  • Now don’t go overlooking Wyoming! It is ordered that way there as well. The fishing robot would be legal for things like unicorn, bigfoot, and Loch Ness monsters, but not practical or legal for actually fishing.

  • Work of beauty. It would be a really fun job to offer this service just to see the old equipment that came through; I just couldn’t convince my wife to make a hobby of it.

  • Great solution! Can the mold be brazed back together? I realize a mold is a lot of upfront cost, but brazing is relatively cheap and are nowhere near the cost of entry that welding has?

  • Why didn’t the SIK make it into the lineup?

  • I don’t mean to detract from the story at hand… I have seen excellent use of CVD machines using Parylene; it is cool stuff. But Codebender is SHUTING DOWN! Please excuse excessive use of caps, but I am panicking.

  • I read this like a thriller and somehow missed a lot of the smoke, or stuff getting too hot. Please tell me as you get better at this you have less fun?!?

  • sounds like a great idea for an office space break room, not to track nutrition content as much as who is eating all the hot chocolate or creamer. It would work very well with dry goods like that. It could also work well in a production environment with things like bolts, wire nuts and other items that are used often, but need constant stocking.

  • Ahhhh! Shpark Attack!!!!

  • I know with copper they will fill it with sand to keep it from pinching. I thought the sand might be rough on the surface of the tubing, but it may actually help the texturing. There are also benders that look like floppy springs you sleeve over the tubing and tube benders that are made for stainless tubing.

  • Just some clarity, the thermocouple will produce a voltage difference at each conductor transition in the circuit. It will work correctly if the tip is at the region you want to measure, and the wire type for K is all chromel/alumel up to the circuit board (in the case of this product). The chip reads the chip of the board and gives the temp of the thermocouple tip. They can give off readings when the sheath is bent and the internal wires contact somewhere other than the tip.