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  • Well, yep, that was my plan B- to have an Arduino with a Midi interface to receive the incoming notes and then manipulate the Tsunami to play one note on each channel. Your board is still terrific for this purpose. I just thought I’d ask about my specific application. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • I have a question about my application. I need to use the Midi in, and I need to have only one note at a time go to each output channel (only one- if there’s more than 8 notes simultaneously, I am ok with loosing one or more). I see that I can assign certain notes to certain channels, but that isn’t what I am hoping to do. Rather, I want the first note to be played on channel 0, the second on 1, etc. Eventually, channels would be reused- if channel 1 is no longer playing, the next note would be routed to it. The best summary is- I want notes to be randomly assigned to each channel, and never more than one note to a channel at a time. Is the mode that I have described supported?

  • yes… it seems as though the audio quality is quite good.

  • When I hook the three digital lines to an arduino (clock, data and reset), should I enable the internal pullup resistor on the arduino ports? Also- should I put a current limiting resistor in series, or connect it directly to three ports? Thanks.

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