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  • Having a read of your policy I'd suggest a few small changes. I'd allow people to bring in more than one dog (perhaps 2 or 3) provided they are under effective control of their owner, and don't bother other people as group. IE all the same rules apply but the dogs are treated as one unit. I have 2 small dogs who go everywhere together, I'd hate to think how lonely one would be home alone all day if I brought the other to work. I can see bringing 2 St Bernards possibly causing a problem (well ok more of a problem than one St Bernard lol)

    I'd suggest that owners must be in effective verbal control of their dogs while they are playing in the off leash area, perhaps require this to be demonstrated? Perhaps also require this for the dogs "induction" IE the dog should sit when told to (by its owner). I'd also suggest that the dog be under the physical control of the owner when leashed, I've seen a german shepherd drag its owner around the dog park on his face because he wasn't physically up to restraining it.

    I'd also allow roughhousing provided it is ok with the other owner. A husky and a boxer will play more vigorously than a pair of caviler king charles ;-> if its not OK then the owner of the bouncy dog should leash it. If a big dog "pounces" a small one that counts as an attack, they aren't playing with a dog they are playing with food :-<

    As for non castrated animals needing to be on a leash at all times WTH man? My two are both "intact" males and we have no problems at the (off leash) dog park, There are plenty of castrated dogs that hump my boys (as well as everybody else) its part of normal dog behaviour though perhaps one we find hard to deal with.

    I would however suggest a rule of not allowing any dog in heat into the office as that will set everybody off desexed or not.

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