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  • I have this connected to a Bluetooth Mate Gold. It writes data all the time (using Serial.Println), and checks Serial.available() to look for incoming commands. Is there a scenario in which the CPU would reset due to a serial read failure/timeout/etc.? I didn't think there was any way to soft-reset the board, but I'm seeing some global variables (particularly a sequence number) revert to their initial state in a way that looks like the CPU is rebooting when I stress the Bluetooth connection. Anyone have any idea what circumstances cause a reboot? Thanks!

  • The Razor IMU (SEN-10125) explicitly states on the product page that it's compatible with (a) the FTDI breakout board, (b) the Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate, and (c) the Sparkfun AHRS firmware. I'm not clear whether the fact that this page (for the Ultimate IMU) doesn't say those things should be taken as a lack of compatibility. Anyone? Is the Ultimate IMU compatible with (a), (b), and (c)?

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