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  • OK. Some minor progress. The jumpers on the ArduinoXbee are now on the Xbee and I have changed receive and send to 0 and 1 instead of the 2 and 3:
    // Pins are 3 for INCOMING TO Arduino, 5 for OUTGOING TO Wifly
    // Arduino WiFly
    // 2 - receive TX (Send from Wifly, Receive to Arduino)
    // 3 - send RX (Send from Arduino, Receive to WiFly)
    WiFlySerial WiFly(0,1);
    Now I am getting the following in the serial: Auto-Assoc roving1 chan=0 mode=NONE FAILED
    TX light on the Arduino Uno blinks once in awhile but the RX light never turns on. Are my pins still set wrong?

  • Hi All,
    Been trying to get the RN-VX to work with the ArduinoXBee v1.1 (M. Yarza). I am using the WiFly_Test sketch (Tom Waldock) to test it out. The jumpers on the ArduinoXBee board are on the USB and the sketch is stopping at:
    Starting WiFly Tester.
    Free memory:971
    Any tips on getting it to work would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Can this pot be used as a replacement for a project where a 100K linear pot is specified?

  • So that means the final circuit is like so, right?:
    Mosfet Gate Pin -> Pull Down Resistor -> Gnd
    Arduino IO Pin -> Current Limiting Resistor -> Mosfet Gate Pin
    Mosfet Source Pin -> Gnd
    Mosfet Drain Pin -> Negative Fan Lead
    Positive Fan Lead -> Vout of 5V Regulator
    Vin of 5V Regulator -> Positive lead of 5V line of ATX
    5V Regulator Gnd -> Arduino Gnd
    Negative lead of 5V line of ATX -> Capacitor -> Negative Fan Lead
    BTW what value Capacitor should I use?

  • Can I use this MOSFET to drive a DC 5V fan connected to Arduino Uno?

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