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  • Coweta County used a rather common approach. Send out a broad subpoena as this will get the recieving parties attention and not just wind up in the trash. They need your cooperation and they were very willing to work with you to get just the information they needed. The subpoena was to let you know that someone thinks that this is serious business. You talked to counsel, contacted them and they got the information they needed without causing too much disruption.

    And you posted this which might just act as a deterant to others who might want to get stuff from you to use for illegal purposes.

  • For someone working with Arduine the WIZnet product might be percieved as a bit friendlier. All the ENC28J60 experimenter boards are designed around PIC boards and products.

    The ENC28J60 has 1 socket and the 5300 has 8 sockets available.

    Wonder if the Arduino bootloader could be put on the 128 and simplify the programming hardware that way? Also make it a little easier for an Arduino user to work with.

    We have a older GPS clock at the TV Station and something like this make a nice small device to hang on the serial port and transmit the time to the computers on the network. Or setup as an NTP time server...

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