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  • The fan draws 1000mA: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/400684756/USB_Computer_Desk_Cooling_Cooler_Fan.html
    Do I still need an independent power source?
    If so, how does the 5V regulator fit into the circuit diagram above? Is the Mosfet still necessary?
    Thanks for all the help!

  • Thanks for the additional tips. Just want to also check if I need an external 5V power source for the fan or can it be powered entirely from the arduino uno board? Can I just connect the positive lead of the fan to the positive of the breadboard and then connect that to the arduino 5V?

  • Thanks for the advice! I’m totally new to electronics so I’ve got some more questions. The info I found online for calculating the pull down and current limiting resistor pertains to LEDs only. How would one calculate the values for both for my case?
    Also I assume the circuit diagram to be:
    Mosfet Gate Pin -> pull down resistor -> current limiting resistor -> Arduino IO
    Positive lead of Fan -> Mosfet Source Pin
    Mosfet Drain Pin and Fan Negative lead to ground
    Have I got this right?

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