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  • can you put the 328p chip on this board into the lowest power sleep mode (sleep mode power down) with a watchdog timer wake (once every 8 seconds), disable the ADC and the analog comparator and tell me what the power useage looks like?

    I also plan to use an Xbee. The 1mw one. But I have an idea of what to expect from that in sleep mode.

    I have always hated the voltage regulators on these systems - they take more power than the 328p chip in sleep mode more often than not - and I want to know what the power useage looks like in sleep mode.

    Was debating between one of these or making my own board - without a voltage regulator. Power in sleep mode directly relates to the battery life. I want about 1 year on a 2000ma battery. But waking only once every 8 seconds, sending a few bit of data over 20ms (well, 20ms to wake up, send data, go to sleep) plus looking at about 70 milliamps wake power, that means I need 50 microamps of sleep power to meet the 1 year goal.

    the 328p datasheet says "Power-down Mode: 0.1 μA" but thats with like everything turned off, so I know that is unrealistic.

    the xbee is going to eat 10 - 20 microamps of that up.

    I hope for a reply of "less than 30 microamps"

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