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  • The latency arises with all examples that have user-manipulable output, as well as my project. Relative temporal offsets between user operations appear to be equivalent to the temporal offsets between responses on the board, though - it's like everything's being buffered up. I'm guessing the problem's in my phone somewhere.
    I've thrown it to the user forums.
    Thanks, by the way, for what is otherwise a brilliant part.

  • Works with my HTC Inspire 4G (Android 2.2).
    This is going to be soooo cooooool!!! giddy
    EDIT: It works... really slowly. There's a second or two of delay between any user interaction and the board changing state (so as cool as this is, it seems to be unusable for my purposes...).
    Anyone else have problems with massive latency...? Or, better yet, solutions...?

  • AFAIK, Android 2.x may only make use of the USB port in accessory mode (that is, it may not act as a host). It also has no API in the de-facto SDK for manipulating USB communications. Android 3.1 introduced a USB host mode and USB communications, but AFAIK the Android 3.x releases have only been for use on tablets.
    A backported package for Android 2.3.4 added the ability to manipulate USB communications with host devices other than adb. The IOIO board has a firmware update available to take advantage of this, and it eliminates the need to have the device in debug mode.
    Relevant Links:
    IOIO update:
    Google Open Accessory Development Kit:
    (hopefully that was all correct XD )

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