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  • Are there any oils or other gases (from heated plastics, resistors etc) that could come out with the hot air? Is the hot air (other than the obvious temperature issue) safe to breath?

  • I have a few of these, and I attempted to control a 12V light with it, I could not get the light to turn on using an Lilypad.(I tested attaching the light directly up to the source which worked, and I have a multi-meter showing me that I have a solid 3V Vgs). I have a limiting resistor and an a pull down resistor in place. I have tried with V+ hooked up to the drain and the Light hooked up to the source to ground, I have also tried with V+ hooked up to the light and the drain hooked up to ground(From PeterG's first comment I didn't expect the second way to work either). Did I misunderstand how this can be used, or am I using it wrong? I thought the whole point was you can use this as a switch for higher power loads that the microchips can't power directly? Sorry for the long post, I am lost... Thanks for your help!

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