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  • I had one in my cart, and it was taken away before I could finish checkout. I give up on the special events!

  • I had a Heathkit SW Receiver, a signal generator, and I started a Ham Transceiver when I was in high school, but it never got finished. All was given away at a garage sale when my parents moved.

    Heathkit may have had a lot to do with my eventual career as an engineer.

  • Well, you met my expectations.
    First, you could do an experiment by simply advertising a "free day test" to avoid the "we're broken" problem.
    Second, once someone gets to the quiz, they ought to be shifted to a different server/subdomain or whatever so they don't get so many timeouts.
    Third, the pages should be "lightened" especially for the event. The bigabyte content could be carved down to a few K, leaving your servers a lot more time.
    Fourth, the rule abut the quiz/tenure choice has to made before one can determine that the conditions are as bad within the quiz as on the initial pages.
    Personally, I got to the homepage after 45 minutes, got logged in after an hour, chose the quiz and got there after 90 minutes, and got to answer the first question fifteen times. Then I had to read the next few questions I got so fast that I mis-read them, then I got shut out at six.

  • I just canceled my order for a server due to the absurdity of this whole thing.

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