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  • You stare at him…and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side.

  • Clever girl...

  • SparkFun Gothic

  • They are :). I run a local startup in Boulder and I take a direct leaf out of Nate's example as philosophical inspiration, for a company of eight employees. If you've ever had a chance to talk with any of the SparkFun employees, they are passionate, creative, and love what they do. It's a great template to work from, and we occasionally collaborate with SparkFunians from time to time for help with our projects. Making geekiness trendy, accepted, and profitable is a fantastic endeavor, and it's impressive to see SparkFun succeed with that mentality and blaze the trail for the rest of us to follow.

  • Great talk. I am a firm supporter of how SparkFun does business and the mindset you have chosen to adopt and carry forward in your business pursuits. I am extraordinarily proud, happy, and inspired that you've made it work, as a model example to the rest of us of what can be achieved by putting passion, ideals, and things people really love out on the table and letting the world embrace it. Keep up the excellent work!

  • It's largely because of the presence of SparkFun in the area that I was inspired to form Geekify Inc in Boulder. Your company is a huge inspiration and motivator and proof that cool things can be done by passionate and like-minded people working to make the world a more awesome place. I love reading posts like this to see the kind of atmosphere that I want to imitate in my own company, and seeing that kind of setting be so successful for others is a huge boost to the idea that it can be done successfully :). Keep it up!

  • Pay no attention to that man behind the steering wheel!

  • I appreciate beyond words that you are a company and a group of people that upholds your personal values and look after your customers even after the money has changed hands. That kind of consideration and thoughtfulness is just one of the many reasons I keep coming back :)

  • Happy holidays, you guys!

  • That is actually a giant soldering iron in my hands >: ). You know, for soldering macroprocessors.

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