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  • I can confirm that it cannot sustain a constant 21 A (based on real-life experience). I used this with the male version, first the connectors fused together (which was still OK), then a couple of hours later it became an 'open'. < ~14 A should probably be OK....

  • Am pretty sure that SparkFun got this without the euro-zone VAT. You don't have to pay VAT when exporting from the euro-zone, most EU-suppliers subtract this automatically and/or you can claim the ~20% back.

  • Hi Nick and Robert, fun to watch -- as always.

    For security application the swipe-type reader has its advantage since you cannot directly -- or at easily lift and duplicate the finger print. Would you know whether a photo-copied version of your index finger works as well? Another video of how to hack finger print readers in general would be cool - or would you get into troubles with that? In any case, very nice sensor description and looks useful to be used in other non-security applications.

  • Very nice and affordable laser!

    Got it up to a measured 20 mW for a brief moment (didn't dare to burn it permanently). Can confirm that

    • there is no effective filtering for the 1064 nm component,
    • a spectral width of about 532+-2 nm, and that
    • at 5 mW the TEM00 is dominant but not the only mode visible.
  • How to successfully hide at Sparkfun ...

  • Wow, that's sounds like a fun activity.

    As a alternative for those who have done a 'holiday on a farm', maybe you could offer this as a 'kitting holiday at SparkFun'. I'd sign up...

    Am impressed by the level of QA and team spirit you achieve!

  • Soldering LEDs will never be the same...
    Wish there'd be larger versions, RGBs or with 1 mm surface-mounted LED's!

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