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MP3 Trigger Hookup Guide V24

January 21, 2016

Incorporate sound into your next project easily with the MP3 Trigger.
  • Update: I just ran 32 mono voices, routing a sine wave to a separate output and recording the output. I ran for 5 minutes with no glitches. This was with a SanDisk 4GB speed class 4 card. I ran the same test with a PNY 32GB U3 card, known to have problems, and got glitches. So I’m guessing your issue is indeed related to SD card. One thing to try is re-formatting on a Windows machine with a 32K allocation unit size.

    Also, you didn’t mention it but are you also using sample-rate offset commands? Speeding up the sample-rate increases the likelihood of running into SD card issues since it requires even faster access.

  • Based on what you describe (good detail, thanks) it does indeed sound it’s related to SD read access. The fact that changing the SD card changes the frequency of the problem is certainly a good indication. Unfortunately, the only way to test/measure a card at the moment is with a WAV Trigger - I haven’t ported the test software to Tsunami, and probably won’t in time to be of near-term help to you.

    It would be interesting to throttle back to say 16 voices or fewer and see if that eliminates or reduces the occurrence. Also, if you could record the stutter and send me a short wav file that includes it. We can take this off-line if you contact me at info(at)robertsonics(dot)com.

  • Glad to hear it.

  • I’m pretty sure the library works fine with the mono firmware. The README file in the library indicates that the output range for the play functions are 1 - 4, but the code should actually accept a 1 - 8 range. Did you try it and have a problem? I believe I’ve tested the library with the mono firmware.

    Not sure I understand what you mean regarding the normal trigger function. You can currently already specify the output as part of the trigger settings. What would be the advantage of specifying the output in the filename, since a normal trigger can only map to a single wave file?

  • So sorry… looks like the User Guide is wrong. The command code (to Tsunami) for enabling track reporting is 0x0d, and the report response command code (from Tsunami) is 0x84. I’ll fix this ASAP.

    Turn track reporting on: 0xf0, 0xaa, 0x06, 0x0d, 0x01, 0x55

    If you look at the code in the Tsunami Arduino Serial Library, that’s going to be correct, since the library works. I must have changed things at some point during the final development stages and not updated the user guide. Nobody has brought this to my attention because most people probably use the Arduino library.

  • I’m sorry you seem to be having problems. I’ve not heard of anyone ever having issues updating the firmware - this is a first. Perhaps you can explain what is, or isn’t happening? Also, what specifically do you mean by “"locks out occasionally”? I’m not aware of any outstanding issue that would cause the WAV Trigger to crash or stop working, and would need more information to look into this. What are you doing to cause this and how do you recover from it?

    The measured time time between a trigger input (or serial command) and sound is between 5 and 12 ms, so depending on what you mean by “lags horrifically”, you perhaps may have left silence at the start of your audio file.

    Finally, I don’t understand the statement, “I have to basically tell it to adjust 200 files individually upon each button press”. Are you using triggers or serial control? With the latter, you can issue track volume and fade commands to dynamically control the volume of specific tracks, so you don’t need to know what voice is being used. I see no advantage to specifying what voice is used, since a voice corresponds to one and only one track at a time.

    I’m happy to try and help, but I need to better understand your issues.

  • Thanks for letting me know!

  • No, there’s nothing done with a Program Change message other than simply setting a bank variable.

  • Not sure I understand the question. Changing banks with a Program Change message simply changes the MIDI Note to Track Number mapping for future note events. One thing to keep in mind is that if you hold a key while changing banks, then that track won’t get the Note Off message when you release the key.

  • Correct. Tsunami follows MIDI Channel Number conventions more closely than the WAV Trigger, in that it supports both dedicated channel assignment as well as Omni mode.

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