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MP3 Trigger Hookup Guide V24

January 21, 2016

Incorporate sound into your next project easily with the MP3 Trigger.
  • Thanks Marshall! I just wanted to emphasize that one big advantage of MIDI BLE is that it lets you control both Tsunami and the WAV Trigger from your phone or mobile device. The looper control app is really written for Android and iOS (if it's not obvious from the above screenshots) so you don't necessarily need a computer to play. And as Marshall points out, with this mod, any mobile app that supports MIDI BLE output can provide wireless control using the standard firmware for both boards.

  • Not currently. The new unified Configurator includes a tab for remote control functions, but the only thing it provides at the moment is polling for the firmware version and number of sounds.

    The source for the WAV Trigger Remote Control app is on GitHub, and it wouldn't be difficult to modify the outgoing serial messages to accommodate Tsunami's serial protocol. I'm currently working on a Bluetooth LE MIDI interface and moving the control app to a mobile platform, but I don't have anything available at the moment.

  • Currently, the trigger bank up/down functions and MIDI Program Change messages are the only ways to change the MIDI Bank. I could implement a serial command to do this, but you would still need to connect a rotary switch to an Arduino and write some code.

    The "enc pitch" trigger function shown in the prototype Unified Configurator Utility is for testing encoder functions with Tsunami, not the WAV Trigger. It's not currently supported by any released firmware. Again, you could connect an encoder to an Arduino, write some code and use the Arduino library to control the pitch.

  • There's nothing that the MP3 Trigger can do that the WAV Trigger can't do better, other than play MP3 files, but you can easily convert MP3 to wav with a free editor such as Audacity. Both will play your audio based on trigger input, and both can be programmed not to interrupt a track once it has started. I'd recommend the WAV Trigger because it can better accommodate future enhancements, it's polyphonic and the same price.

    However, neither board will latch triggers and delay a start until the previous track has finished. For this, the WAV Trigger has a rich serial control protocol and an Arduino Library, so you can easily program an Arduino to implement this sort of control. The library includes functions that will tell you when specific tracks are finished.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have no doubt that you are experiencing these issues, but I remain convinced that it's something to do with your connections. The minor differences between firmware v1.01 and v1.02 should have no bearing on the audio output, i.e. "clicking". The "whine" continues to suggest wiring and/or power supply issues. We should take this off line. Please contact me directly via info<at>robertsonics<dot>com.

  • The mono/stereo issue is with the Configurator utility, not the firmware. It just doesn't allow you to open a previously saved mono .ini file as mono. You can create and save mono ini files and they will work correctly with the Tsunami mono stereo. I'm working on a new combined Configurator app that will work for both the WAV Trigger and Tsunami, and this will correctly open each type of file.

    Regarding the clicking, it certainly sounds like a grounding or power supply issue. Without knowing all the details of your power and wiring, it's hard to help. It seems like any activity on the MIDI input is causing noise in the analog output. I suggest you troubleshoot by simplifying as much as possible. For example, use a dedicated power supply for the Tsunami, use headphones on the audio output and try a MIDI keyboard as a controller. If the clicking is still there, you may have a defective unit.

  • Sorry if that's not clear. The LED should go solid following a successful firmware update. Then when you reset, the firmware has a "heartbeat" flash every 3 seconds when audio is not playing to indicate that the firmware is indeed running. I suspect you're fine.

  • A quick flash every 3 seconds is normal behavior when audio is not playing. What makes you think the firmware is not running properly?

  • No. But if you split your stereo tracks into separate left/right mono files, the Tsunami mono firmware provides a way to start and play both files in sync and route them to separate outputs. So it is possible to play stereo (and even 5.1 or 7.1) content using the mono firmware. You just have to provide each channel as a separate mono wav file.

  • Cross posted and resolved on the Robertson's blog.

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