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  • Hi, really great tutorial, just one question: if I want to power an arduino micro that must be powered over 7 volts but i want to use the regulated 5 volts line for powering loads bypassing arduino 5v output i just connect arduino VI after the 100 uF capacitor but before the voltage divider is it right? Do you think this will lead to problems due to the different noise on my arduino and the main power source line? I need to read low analog values from 5 IR proximity sensor. Tx Gabriele

  • So i can plug it directly to arduino without disabling the internal pullups that wire enable by default?

  • I tried to use this to calculate heading and i have for a full rotation 5 degrees of difference, between 55 and 60 degree:
    int getHeading(float x, float y, float z){
    float heading=0;
    if ((x == 0)&&(y < 0))
    heading= PI/2.0;
    if ((x == 0)&&(y > 0))
    if (x < 0)
    heading = PI - atan(y/x);
    if ((x > 0)&&(y < 0))
    heading = -atan(y/x);
    if ((x > 0)&&(y > 0))
    heading = 2.0
    PI - atan(y/x);
    return int(degrees(heading));

  • Hi, i bought this mag sensor as i want to use it as a compass, i loaded your code but when i rotate it (parallel to the ground) the values change very little, about 6 degrees.
    I calculated the heading with:
    float heading = atan2(readx(), ready());
    float headingDegrees = heading * 180/PI;
    and i get these values:
    what do you think it could be the problem?

  • Hi, since i'm a newbie i have a maybe stupid question, can i connect the board with pins without soldering it?

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