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  • Found some strain gauge info on National Instruments site. http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/4172

    According to the page, a load cell in any bridge configuration would already have temperature compensation built in. This one must either be a quarter or half bridge since it has 3 wires. If its quarter bridge then it has a active element and a temp compensation resistor. If half bridge then 2 active elements, giving temp compensation simply because there together in one spot, being affecting by the temperature equally.

    All thats needed is to complete the bridge for your amp. So I don't see why you couldn't use two resistors to do so. Or better yet use the second load cell with reverse polarity to give you a full bridge. twice the accuracy, twice the load limit.(reverse polarity so they add and not cancel out)

    I'm still experimenting with mine. Also found a cheaper solution to the AD620, the AD8223 which is designed for scales I think. and the AD7799, amp and hi resolution ADC with spi interface if your making a scale. might be worth looking into.

  • They didn't crash? I couldn't even get the page to load 10 mins after it started. I just gave up. I spent an hr last yr hitting refresh to no avail.

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