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Done with education. Self-employed. Launching Kickstarter project soon. Working on Rock Vibe, version of Rock Band for the blind.


Developer type person, artist

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English, Spanish, Punjabi

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Max/MSP, some C, some C++, some Java


UC Santa Cruz, London Met. Uni.

Websites,, (Coming Soon)


Rock Vibe: Rock Band® computer games for people with no or limited vision, Touching Sound: Extending the Listening Experience at CAA

  • For many switches, you can also check the underside for a horizontal line. The pair of legs on 1 side of the line are permanently connected to one another, while the pair on the other side are permanently connected to each another.

    Or you can perform a test with a multimeter or a simple LED circuit. :) Or you can briefly short a low voltage battery, if you like a little danger on a chilly day.