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  • Attention Sparkfun employees, it has come to our attention that the new all natural, organic shipping tape glue, tastes good. Be warned that tape adhesive licking is now discouraged.

  • Use the flex circuit to act as sealed pathway for bicycle handlebar mounted circuitry, so the flex pressure sensors could be used to monitor the position of the handlebars. Use the flex sensors to work with fish tank floats, sensors. Use the flex sensors circuitry to measure or connect sensors or circuits on flexible robot or quad copter landing gear. Use flexcircuits to monitor dogs or animals movement of limbs, head etc. Use flex circuits and sensors to work with underwater, snake like uav. So as the snake bot undulates to ambulate, it motion can be measured, and powered. Use flexi circuits and sensors to measure or control elevation rotors, for antennas. Use flexicircuits to control lighting and items, when you sit on a bed to go to sleep, between sheets or matteress. Monitor sleeping habits and positioning. Pressure sensor circuits to open dog door to yard, when dog gets up from dog bed, and starts walking around, an sniffing. Using flexi circuits to monitor hallway or room lighting, under carpet. Use flexicircuits to measure bicycle brake pressure, to change brake light flashing, to steady. Use flexi circuits or sensors to measure wind pressure or rain depth by weight. Whew, what do you think? Use flexicircut to detect opening of purse, set off alarm, turn on in purse el wire light, set of wirless alarm when bag strap flexed or picked up. Detect opening purse and turn on light on key ring, to find keys in purse with tiny wireless transmitter, and pressure sensors. Flexy sensor to detect wallet opening, set off alarm, el wire light. Headlamp on glasses, sensors turn on small light on glasses bridge, when glasses arms unfolded. Driving alert, pressure sensors on steering wheel, tomdetect hands falling from wheel to detect driver drifting off. Flexi sensor, measuring position of neck, head to detect driver falling asleep. Flexi sensor to measure flexing hand, like making a fist, or pointing finger, to turn on lights on finger tip, or wrist, like an automatic led flashlight. Use flexi sensors in glove to act as game controller or mouse.


  • With the voter id law deadline fast approaching, bob and his maker group, made their last ditch attempt, to make it to the DMV, during the bus strike.

  • Ebay carries it by the ton, hundereds of sellers have it.

  • Videographer? What no one else can work the web cam' on the table? :->

  • Just realized, this could go in my teenagers car.
    but I might be afraid of the data.

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