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  • Finally figured out (and just saw "Member 23890" mentioned it) Temperature comp is built into this gauge. Red-White is unstrained and Red-Black is strained. Together they form the bottom half of a bridge (or top half). Two equal precision, perhaps thin film, resistors should form a reliable Wheatstone Bridge. This connection scheme virtually eliminated my temp dependence. Still trying to eliminate drift over time in my Amp circuit...

  • This LCD is a lot brighter if you swap the 100ohm (R7) resistor on the back with something like a 10ohm.
    I had the same brightness issue others seem to be having so I checked the datasheet. The backlight LED has a pretty high forward voltage and current that the included 100ohm doesn't really drive from 5V. With 10ohms, the current draw is more like the datasheet spec - 90mA at 5V.

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