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  • Richard Hart: Just keep those employees from playing Facebook’s Farm Town. Your bandwidth will widen immensely
    No kidding. I’m one of a handful of IT guys at a medium sized company. We’ve got about 300 employees with computers spread out over several locations. I work at the central location where the pipe from the internet connects. Other locations are connected to us, and use our pipe.
    It is two bonded T1 lines, so 3 Mbps both ways. We never have any bandwidth issues, even with that many users active, and a collection of servers sitting on the same connection.

  • I have your snow storm now… my grill looks much like yours, although its more like 6 inches piled on top rather than 2 feet!
    Who’d of thought we’d have this much snow at the end of March? It was 80 degrees here just a few days ago!

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