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I'm just getting into the whole electronics engineering & I'm loving it thus far. I'm now getting into programming as well as Arduino.


YouTuber as well as entrepreneur

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  • Would this be a good device to tell when something has stopped moving? IE the object like a bike or a car is moving and then it comes to a stop, would this be able to read that and be able to trigger an action.

  • Would this work for turning an E-ink screen into a touch screen?

  • Would this be good for a three part wireless setup? I don't want to go into any details as of yet, but it will be three separate parts that all operate together to achieve one outcome & they need to be separate but close together.

  • Would this or the other unit be able to be used as the sole computer for a 3D printer or a CNC machine?

  • I know that this is a total noob question but can a pi be made into a mini computer that will run nothing but a 3D printer, basically it will run the slicing software so I don't have to keep my 3D printer hooked up & I won't need to use SD cards, 'cause that's a hassle to me.

  • Thank you, most of the things that I'll be using it on will be well below that temp.

  • Does anyone think that it would be safe to use two of these as a spot welder system?

  • I would love to know how you did the HUD layout, I've got one in the works (have been for some time actually) & I am stuck on ideas.

  • Ok, so just pos on one & neg on the other, thank you!

  • I know that this is a total noob comment but how do you solder up one of these, do you put pos on one side & neg on the other, or what, any help would be appreciated.