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  • I got one of these (for $3.95) before they were 'ding and dent'. Around 30 seconds in a toaster oven (normally used by my wife for bagels, she wasn't too happy) and it relaxes enough so there is no wobble.

  • So that's where all my marshmallows ended up...

  • Ok... Got the parts for the human GPS tracking collar. I just need a soldering iron and THUMBS!

  • Another interesting thing. If you want to update the screws to something better looking, a 2-56 (3/4 inch long) cap head screw fits wonderfully. You just need to thread the bottom holes. When the screw is in place, the head sits flush to the surface.

  • I for one have never confused the two. When I heard of SparkFun, Sparc never entered my mind as a possible connection.
    I pretty sure phonetics has nothing to do with trademark law. I wonder if these guys have sent a cease and desist letter to FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)?!
    I have an idea, change the IRC channel ad at the top of the site to something like: SparkFun, never been confused with 'Sparc fun' because there is none.

  • I can think of two reasons someone would use the Arduino Mega. More I/O is the obvious one. More memory may not be so obvious.
    For those who just need more memory, an "Arduino Mega Mini" could have an AVR mega128 (using the 7x7mm mlf-44 package) on the same size board as the Arduino Mini.
    Just a thought...

  • It looks like your Dimensions text and dimensions image don't match.

  • I'll be there also.
    Selling T-Shirts at the fair?
    Or your other products?

  • Yea, I hate articles written like this. If a transistor is a basic type of microchip, then a unicycle is a basic type of jet fighter.
    If Mariya can broker military chips from her home to the tune of $2.7 million, I wonder how much I could broker in military toilets from my home. Buy at Home Depot, sell to the military for 100x...
    (I'm off my soapbox now)

  • Ok, so what is stuck in the ceiling? Extra circuit boards? In my office, it is pencils.

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