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  • A little late to the question, but it seems like you're looking for one of these which give you 30° sensitivity, but combine several at different angles, then connect their leads in parallel. There's also these.

  • I have the original Analog Discovery. The header configuration looks the same. Will this work with mine?

  • At least some GPIO are presented at the side of the Pi-Top board. Their website https://www.pi-top.com/ shows a protoboard plugged into it. This seems to be a GPIO bus into which additional modules can be plugged.

  • I'm surprised there is no breakout for VBATT. This would be useful for a soft power switch or for battery voltage monitoring. Also a breakout for the STAT pin would be useful for LED indication on the outside of a project.

  • It would have been cool to route the wiring above the paneled ceiling.

  • The bit about axial misalignment reminded be of a coupling I found inside an old, knob-style car radio that allowed you to adjust the knob's position while keeping it linked to the component inside. I later found out this is called an "Oldham" coupling. A "Schmidt" coupling does the same thing.

  • We got where we are today by sitting on the shoulders of average-sized men.

  • Do you think you could use an Arduino or Maple board for proceesing the signal? I think it would be interesting to see the digital/analog interface.

  • The site is still down. Try http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/2123637.pdf

  • I am interested in making an interface consisting of 32 seperate buttons, each illuminated by an RGB LED. However, each will be on an individual pc board. I want to connect these to an arduino using SPI.

    I saw this product and I figured with two of these, I could replace the LED and button pad with 6-pin headers, then route these to each board.

    Does this sould like a good idea? Or do you know of a better solution that doesn't involve hacking a perfectly good board? Some expert advice is always appreciated!

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