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  • Here is my use of EL wire to make the Neon bible logo for an Arcade Fire show pic I had a battery and switch in my pocket to turn it on and off.

  • I think I want to replace the 16MHz resonator with a 14.7456MHz one to work with my programmer. Dose anyone know the resonator package style used on this? I’m poking around and I cant seem to find a resonator / crystal that is the correct size or close enough. The eagle files don’t say much about the package. THANKS

  • So before I replace my DOS v2 which I sat on a broke (down side to fitting in a pocket, can’t do that with a Tektronix). Can I simply get data from this, to my computer? There seems to be a lot of talk about that below. V2 was a nightmare with formatting card and reformatting the thing, I will deal with worse software if I can just plug the thing in a get a .xml file or similar. Thanks anyone/everyone

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