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  • Has anyone had luck with this and a raspberry pi? I’m getting communication errors even with an external power supply.

  • OK I worked through it: first download these files: digilent.adept.runtime_2.16.1-armhf.deb digilent.waveforms_3.4.7_armhf.deb digilent.adept.utilities_2.2.1-armhf.deb

    the files are found on the websites:

    then run the commands in this order:

    sudo dpkg -i digilent.adept.runtime_2.16.1-armhf.deb

    sudo dpkg -i digilent.adept.utilities_2.2.1-armhf.deb

    sudo dpkg -i digilent.waveforms_3.4.7_armhf.deb

    then plug in the Analog discovery with waveforms running. Now I’m having trouble with the power requirements

  • Has anyone had luck installing waveform 2015 on a raspberry pi? I put it on my Linux PC with no problem. But the install fails on the pi.

  • Question: What dose the raw data look like from this? Is it already scaled from hottest to coldest? or is the raw data from each pixel the temperature in Celsius? Say I wanted to know the temperature of something in the view would I have to know some reference temperatures also in view?

  • I’m getting the same problem, do you remember what you did to fix this?

  • I’m trying to characterize these sensors so I set up a little experiment with soil from my garden. I took a soil sample and dried it in the oven (before my girlfriend woke up and found out what I was doing in the kitchen). I let it bake at ~150F for an hour occasionally mixing, this seem to produce very dry soil. I made a Mariotte’s bottle out of a water bottle to provide a constant yet very slow way to add water to the soil. Here is a quick picture of the soil in the bottom half of a Gatorade bottle with the constant flow water bottle on top. The issue I’m having is that the soil water content doesn’t seem to correspond linearly with sensor output voltage. At some point it jumps up to ~4.7 V and stays there. Her is my recorded data of sensor output voltage vs time and the approximate moisture content of the soil vs time. Are there any soils experts out there that could chyme in, I’m quite happy with the little sensors I’m just trying to get the voltage to water content relationship established before deploying them outside.

  • Here is my use of EL wire to make the Neon bible logo for an Arcade Fire show pic I had a battery and switch in my pocket to turn it on and off.

  • I think I want to replace the 16MHz resonator with a 14.7456MHz one to work with my programmer. Dose anyone know the resonator package style used on this? I’m poking around and I cant seem to find a resonator / crystal that is the correct size or close enough. The eagle files don’t say much about the package. THANKS

  • So before I replace my DOS v2 which I sat on a broke (down side to fitting in a pocket, can’t do that with a Tektronix). Can I simply get data from this, to my computer? There seems to be a lot of talk about that below. V2 was a nightmare with formatting card and reformatting the thing, I will deal with worse software if I can just plug the thing in a get a .xml file or similar. Thanks anyone/everyone

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