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  • Oof on the price, very cool product though. I might be able to get one which limits its usefulness :P

  • I love the idea of the "Beerware" license. Also, HyperDisplay looks awesome! Well done!

  • The space age is from 1957 to present. The information age is from 1970 to present.

    Technically we are in the atomic/nuclear, information/digital revolution, & space age.

  • The sensor can count the concentration of particulates of those sizes and so it can then use simple math to give you the concentration of them as well. Thats how the Honeywell HPMA115SO does it as well. Both are laser particulate matter counters which are much more accurate than ones that use simple infrared LEDs and a lens.

  • Ah man this is so cool! Definitely one to add to my wishlist :) So does the pi sitting inside of the enclosure have any way to be sealed off from the elements? (i might not understand something here, if so sorry!)

  • Very cool, I might need to order one of these little ladies soon! Unless I misread the data sheet it looks like the range for measuring goes up to 2 meters.

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