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  • I was hoping I could just use this as a transparent serial link. I'm looking for a simple way to send RTCM data from one "SparkFun GPS-RTK Board - NEO-M8P-2" board (basestation) to another (rover) as an RTK setup. So when I connect the USB cables to a PC and it enumerates a virtual COM port then I can send serial data at 57600 baud from one HyperTerminal session to another - nice! When I'm sending this data, on a single Radio Module I hook up an O-scope to both the TX and RX pins and I see that both are outputting 3.3V serial data. I would have expected one to be an input and the other an output. Not both as outputs. I get the same result if I use the USB port just to power the Radio Modules through a USB power wart - both are outputs. Does this make sense?

  • This is working great for me for playing "Fuel Low" alarms in my headset while I'm flying my homebuilt airplane. I'd like to modify the source code to do some other neat tricks. I'm not new to embedded software but I'm new to gethub. Should I be able to get to the source code by going to the gethub link? I can't find the source code anywhere.

  • Does this include the MXIC 25L3205D (32Mbit) flash part? At a 1Hz rate, how long could one log position data?

  • This is how I figured it out. Connect your android device to the IOIO via USB. Run any of the IOIO Apps (like HelloIOIO or IOIO Manger) and confirm that it is connected (wink and LED or something). Disconnect your android device and connect the device to you development PC running Eclipse. In Eclipse, hit 1 to open the LogCat file located on you device. Start at the bottom and scroll back a few pages until you find the log entry where the IOIO was connected. You should see some information like “Hardware ID: SPRK0016”. It also lists the Firmware and Bootloader version. Hope this helps. Visit the ioio-users Google group. Good info there.

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