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  • A variant screw shield that brings out all the pins of the Mega would be most welcome.

  • A version of this board that does all the pins for the Mega would be very welcome. For instance, it would be great to be able to reroute the TX and RX pins of the cellular shield to hardware UART pins that exist on the Mega but don't exist on the Uno without having to cut the pins and use jumpers like I do now.

    Also a version that encompassed a screw shield would be really useful, again especially if it supported the Mega. (A screw shield for the Mega would also be great.)

  • Oh yeah, if you can download the sketch to your Arduino without the cellular shield attached, but with it, when downloading you get timeouts, then you've probably jumpered the cellular shield pads to put send and receive on the arduino 0 and 1 pins, the same ones you download over, and they're conflicting.

  • ...just got one and got it working, 8/26/2011. Can confirm that baud rate came set to 115200.
    Also, what others said is true -- powering it off of USB from a Mega 2560 on a late model Macbook Pro, it would misbehave and reset when it tried to transmit. Plugging 12V power into the barrel jack on the Mega solved that problem.
    The transmit jumper solder didn't actually bridge the pads. Fixed that but it wasn't ideal to have had to.
    I soldered in the 6 and 8-pin connectors but cut the digital 2 and digital 3 pins and instead jumpered those on the cellular shield to one of the Mega's UARTS... TX1 and RX1.
    A slight change to the Cellular_Shield_Passthrough demo to replace the definition of cell with

    define cell Serial1

    and change the bit rate to 115200 in the setup routine, and we're off to the races.

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