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  • Hi man, can you please tell me how do you managed to receive TCP data with this board?! I Don’t care about the SIM issue,

    Thank you !!!!

  • Still need help? despite the fact this GSM module uses 3.3-4.x to work, usually 3.6 the shield has an HUGE LDO that you must feed with more than 4.5 volts, then the LDO will reduce it to 3.6 and feed the GSM. You can remove the LDO, Jump the VIN with VOUT and feed with your 3.8 that it will work.

  • Hi, I’ve build my own arduino board, with GPS, GSM and uSD, on powerdown mode it consumes only 0.5 mA. I can give some help if you want.

  • Hi guys, I’ve done a lot of working with this device, the way you put this babe to sleep is this: The device is set on AUTOPOWERON=ON, meaning it will always turn ON when you give power to it; You can set it to AUTOPOWERON=OFF, or manually TURN it OFF with the AT command CELL.println(“AT+CPOF”); The problem will be wake it UP, the device uses a PIN (59 - First on the bottom left side of the connector) on HIGH for around 1 second to WAKE UP, BUT the sparkfun GSM SHIELD does not have it connected, I had to put a wire from the PIN 59 to any IO Pin on the Arduino, then it worked fine.

    I have another problem, get data from a WEB Page, just run a simple GET on a web page, anyone know how to do that? The “manual” is too weak, I’ve tried without success.

    Thank you. _Jorge

  • Hi guys, do you know any physical store that sells sparkfun / Arduino stuff near by Miami/Florida ????