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  • Unfortunately i'm having big problems with this board. It seems like such a great piece i'm hoping that someone has a solution...
    I'm running a Nema 8 stepper rated at 0.6amp/phase and 4volts. (I regularly run these motors at 12 volts using a haydon switch and instruments chopper drive). I have everything correctly wired for the EasyDriver 4.4. I'm applying 12 volts here.
    The issue is that all i get is choppy, wobbly motion UNLESS i turn the current almost all the way down. With a voltage ref. of 1.9V everything appears to work ok, but that current is ridiculously low and thus I have no torque.
    Another thing, is that when I max out the current (voltage ref. = 5V) the whole thing STILL only draws 0.7 amps total. It should be drawing 0.7 amps per phase (as it does on my haydon chopper driver).
    There is something really wrong here... any suggestions/ideas are extremely welcome. I really want to use the easydriver, and i've done ton of work already (soldering/wiring etc.) just assuming (silly me) that they would work...
    Also, if you know any other forum or place that I could ask that would be great too...

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