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  • News - March Caption Contest Win… | last month

    It’s a Colorado thing. Watch the South Park episode called “Quest For Ratings” it explains the Sparkfun judging. Craig’s TV show called “Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens” show beats the School real news program because half the kids in school are high on cough medicine.

    It explains the Sparkfun judging to a T. Perhaps Sparkfun really stands for “South Park Fun”.

  • News - New Product Friday: Galil… | about 3 months ago

    I have one and it does get hot pretty fast. I was concerned at first but like the other poster said Intel states this is normal,

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 3 months ago

    Inception 2:The Dream Makers

  • News - December Caption Contest | about 4 months ago

    Sparkfun employees perform famous scenes from Mel Brooks movies left to right: “We don’t need no stinking badges”, “Have you seen a pack of Trojans?” “Howard Johnson is right!”

  • News - Caption Contest Winner! | about 6 months ago

    Personally I liked the white balance joke myself.

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    Robert seen at bar using new pickup line: “Baby… you must be a pot of gold because you are at the end of my rainbow”.

  • Product SEN-10724 | about 6 months ago

    When you say the “processing code” do you mean the Razor_AHRS_test processing program?

  • Product SEN-10724 | about 6 months ago

    All the specs state these sensors will support fast mode (400 kHz). Wonder if anyone has tried it with any problems

  • Product SEN-11028 | about 6 months ago

    Did you use pullup resistors (4.7k)? Uno is normally very forgiving if you don’t but the Micros normally need them

  • Product SEN-11028 | about 6 months ago

    According to the I2Cdevlib link you provide it says: “Due to the lack of good publicly available documentation about the inner workings of this device, all DMP-related information has been reverse-engineered from I2C signal analysis correlated against the company-provided Embedded MotionApps software ”

    It goes on to say: “Currently, the source code available will only provide basic device configuration and raw accel/gryo readings (which is certainly useful, but missing the main selling point of the MPU-6000 series, which is the device-powered motion processing ability).”

    What the heck…

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