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  • My Wife is an Up and coming quilter. While she has already put a Lily Twinkle into a Xmas Tree wall hanging, I find it incredibly difficult to refrain from swamping her with the possibilities she could do in her sewing. We have come to the point where I have been made to understand that i am to assist only with debugging her circuits, and direct answers to questions she asks me.

    -her to me: It is MY project, comprende?

    While she doesn’t consider herself to be a maker, members of her quilters guild and myself are getting jealous of the number of projects she is completing. All that and looking after our kids while I am at work.

  • Seriously wish there was an outlet here in Wellington NZ, there is a World Of Wearable Arts festival that is held here every year. Everyone who has come to these shows is floored by it. Ready access to Sparkfun products would take the local designs through the stratosphere (possibly literally).

    There aren’t any Ma and Pa hobby shops locally here anymore, but you guys could easily make a profitable shop front. (slight bias towards you guys, it is my dream to front an NZ franchise for Sparkfun)