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  • Yeah, I'm still waiting for my "Minority Report" computer.

  • Two of the diagrams are electrical.
    The others are "Piping and Instrumentation" Diagrams. And really old ones by American standards, maybe that kind is all the rage in Russia or something. There are a lot of heat exchangers and doubled up filter beds. The give away that they are old is that one had a pneumatically controlled pressure valve. I have only ever seen pneumatic instrumentation that was abandoned in place and just not torn out; it was like visiting a museum. The fact that each pneumatic control loop is its own analog computer is cool but it is not something that has been installed new in my lifetime. Cannot discern what any of the processes do though. I saw one case of constant temperature flow from a heat exchanger but there are so many jumps to other pages that who knows what the plant does without translating the Russian.

  • Did anyone notice that all the text is in Russian?

  • Well it is an old link. It was the same video that radiohound also pointed to. Use this one for the next two years:

    more youtube

  • That picture does not look like 4000 orders. More like 1000 or less. Ah ha! Research reveals there are no USPS packages in the picture. I want to see the picture of everything from Saturday that is going out (even though my stuff is on backorder). That would be cool.

  • Nope. A "70V" speaker system is typically seen in large rooms where there are a whole bunch of speaker cans in the ceiling. Think hotel ballroom where the usage is for PA rather than reinforcing a band/DJ. It is more like a small power distribution or electrical grid like you would find between a power plant and your house. In both cases the current is traded for voltage for transmission. It keeps the wires smaller and line losses are less. Some speakers are made to work with the 70V system but other speakers can work with an appropriate transformer. Typical installs use a special amp that has a 70V out. If you used such an amp with this speaker it would probably make some very melodic smoke.

    BTW, nice bow tie.

  • In series you get 22. In parallel you only get 5.5

  • For the uninitiated:


    I am disappointed that these knobs start at 1. They should start at 0. (See video). I was about to buy 10 (or 11).

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