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  • I wonder if the W 9905 is a date code, i.e. 5th week of 1999. Glad I got mine while there was stock :)

  • To fend off customers that missed out on the latest Dumpster Dive, new Sparkfun employees get a class in Angry Chicken, an ancient martial art of self-defense without the use of hot soldering irons.

  • Big thumbs up for these. I bought them directly from Hakko after the cheap wire strippers Sparkfun offered previously failed miserably with 30 AWG wire. Best $10 I ever spent.

  • I'm toying around with the DN01 connected to a MSP430 Launchpad and for me it works perfectly fine on 3.3V.

  • Looks like a SHARP Memory LCD http://www.sharpmemorylcd.com, available from Mouser and Adafruit.. nice but expensive displays. And it irks me how since Pebble everybody (except for SHARP) calls them epaper/eink. They are NOT! It will go blank without power. /rant

  • I'd combine these flexible circuits with removable decals* so that you could stick circuits on windows and walls.

    A small Arduino compatible micro, two exposed pads for alligator clips to provide power**, lots of LEDs and capacitive touch and there's your interactive window display... sparkling SparkFun with integrated Larson Scanner anyone? Given the transparency of those circuits, you could even do transparent / partially transparent designs.

    *"static window clings" seems to be the trade term, that "static" makes me wonder how well that will work with circuits though.. ** Or use flexible solar cells (are those real?) and you don't even need a battery or external power supply

  • What is the weight of the enclosures?

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