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  • Why are these $4 more than the red 0603 LEDs?

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  • It's still up... http://highlowtech.org/?cat=20

  • I've actually tried red plexiglass (and red glass) in a spectrometer and they always pass above 600nm... not too infrared. Black film negatives are better.

  • Go to CVS, buy a disposable camera, take some photos of the dark and some photos of really bright light, get them developed, and pick the darkest one out of the negative reel and cut it to size.

  • Black developed film negatives work excellently - I tested a piece of Kodak film on a Perkin Elmer spectrometer and it passed everything over 730nm (near-infrared, what you're looking for) with a transmittance of close to 97%, while blocking everything below 690nm completely. It's super cheap too.

    Keep in mind the white balance on the camera may be thrown off, causing all NIR to appear purple.

  • Exaggerating your own "manliness" is not helping anybody. For one, you're just hurting other people's feelings that they didn't win anything.

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