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  • Now that I’ve received the ProMicro boards, they don’t seem to be working the same as the UNO. Since you have it working maybe you have the missing key to my problem. I’ve discussed it a couple of posts below. Thanks.

  • I just received two of the ProMicro boards. It does not seem to behave like the UNO. I have a very simple Arduino sketch that sends some text every second using Serial.println(). I also have a simple C#.NET application that connects to a serial port, reads and displays the text coming over the port. These pair of programs work fine using an Uno board. When using the ProMicro, I have a problem…

    When in the Arduino IDE, I can easily load the sketch onto the ProMicro and see the desired text with the Serial Monitor. The green sending LED on the ProMicro is blinking and I get the number on the Serial Monitor every second.

    However, when I use my C#.NET program, I can’t. Stepping through in the Visual Studio debugger, it successfully opens the port and calls the first ReadLine() and blocks. Also the ProMicro send LED does not blink.

    Does anyone have any idea? Thanks for your help.

  • Thanks for the confirmation! Now I just need to get them when some are in stock. Anybody have any ideas when that will be?

  • Sorry for the newb hardware question… the description, note and comments above indicate there are some significant differences in this USB interface. I think this board meets my needs perfectly… but… I just want to confirm. I want to use this to read various sensors and send it via the USB to the computer. I have this all working with the computer powering the UNO board through the USB and using the Serial.println() to communicate back through the USB to the computer. Will the same thing work with this board? Thanks.

  • I would like to second the need for a non-latching sensor.

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