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  • This helped. For others that may hit this problem here's what I did - I deleted everything Arduino I had installed. Actually the program doesn't "install" in the normal windows sense, it just unzips and then you find it and run it from there.
    I unzipped it again and put it in my c:\users\'loginname'\documents\" directory which should end up with the path to the arduino.exe and other files being "c:\users\'loginname'\documents\arduino\". Then I unzipped the colorlcdshield library into the libraries folder within the arduino folder.
    Then I unzipped ChronoLCD_color into the ..\arduino\examples folder. Plugged the Arduino in and Chrono shows up under Files, Examples. Opened it and the line JimbO refers to, lcd.init(EPSON) shows up. Changed it to PHILLIPS and it works.
    I did find that the color definitions don't match correctly, probably an Epson / Phillips difference?
    With this straightened out I'm very happy with the shield. I can see where the little quirks could be a show stopper for some. So as I find other quirks I am posting them at leonzak.com.
    Thanks Jimbo for your help.

  • Thanks - downloaded from your link and tried it, now I get 'LCDShield' does not name a type then it highlights LCDShield lcd;
    I put the ColorLCDSHield.cpp and ColorLCDShield.h in the dirctory with the pde.
    Any ideas ?

  • Just received 2 Auduino Uno and a the lcd color shield. Installed the 0022 version program, loaded and ran Blink, no problem. Put the color lcd shield on. Loaded the sparklcd.pde compiled and uplaoded it. Screen goes to kind of blue fuzzy back screen. Using external power supply and usb. Nothing getting too hot, backup light is on.
    Read the comments here by Jimbo on Aug 3 and tried the code he mentioned but don't find lcd.init(EPSON) or lcd.INIT(PHILIPS).
    So I found the define in lcd_driver.h and commented out the Epson line and uncommented the Phillips line. Now it won't compile and upload. Get "PASTEP" undeclared...
    What next ? I look around and I'm not the only one with this problem. Is there any clear directions out there for this combo - it's implied here that it's supposed to work. Anyone
    there try it ?

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