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  • It doesn't "use up" the I2C pins, those pins are able to connect to over 120 devices using the same two lines.

  • Hello Nathan, glad to hear that! Cleared up a lot for me. I feel better about buying from SparkFun knowing that the CEO cares that much about me as a customer to explain exactly what's going on. By the way, I exchanged an email with you a few months ago about how I added your name to Wikipedia article about SparkFun. Glad to hear from you again! Sincerely, Rakshak

  • If you put your money over your customer, then pretty soon you'll have neither.

  • It really bothers me that SparkFun decided to not use a genuine Arduino. I bought the original SIK 2 years ago on Amazon and it used a genuine Arduino. Honestly, the RedBoard doesn't add any real value for the customer (other than saving them a few dollars), but it does more harm by not giving Arduino any money so they can continue to develop their IDE to support these RedBoards. I'm honestly a little disgusted at SparkFun for this after being a loyal customer for 2 years.

  • I couldn't get the SD library from Arduino or the SdFat library to work very well. The SD library worked once, and is extremely spotty. Any suggestions on how I can get this to run smoother?

  • Correction: 16V 1.25A, you don't increase your current capability by adding in series.

  • Amazing read, well worth the time! I will favorite this and keep it close to me forever.

  • Where can I find Arduino 1.0 compatible code?

  • Maybe if I hide under this yellow human tall making device, the electrons won't get me!

  • I love how SparkFun really cares about people like Aaron, I like how SparkFun continues to show that they care about the world more than their profits. Profits should always be a side effect.