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  • Note, there's a bug in the documentation.
    The PDF documentation says
    Safety On = Y
    but the initial config file the device writes out says
    Saftey On = Y
    Note how "Safety" is misspelled here. If you spell it correctly, per the documentation, it won't work right with respect to this setting.

  • There's a BUG in the documentation.
    The "PDF" says
    "Safety On"
    but the file the device write on the card has it misspelled as
    "Saftey On"
    If you spell "Safety" correctly, as in the documents, the device won't work right wrt this setting.

  • I think you can format to Fat16 using the command line on windows 7 with the /FS:FAT option.
    I used a utility called mkdosfs.exe that was a Linux utility ported to windows.
    However, I can't get my datalogger to work at all, so maybe I'm not formatting the card right!

  • NOTE: This device DOES NOT WORK FOR ME! Be careful! It's poorly documented, too.
    I can't get this thing to work at all.
    I put in a 2 GB Micro SD. The LEDs blink when I power it on, but no LOGO/LOGCON files are written to the card.
    I'm pretty sure the card is formatted properly to FAT16; I tried it in XP and in Linux to format it. Also, I can read/write files to the card when I have it connected to a computer via a USB cable.

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